Home sweet home, gearing up to GO!


Day trip in Seattle

65 Days and Counting!

Here it is. Our [new] official blog and journal to capture our adventures abroad!
Will and I purchased our Airtreks “round the world” ticket for the first five months of our world travel adventure. We depart south from Seattle, Washington on February 10th, 2015 to Buenos Aires, Argentina where we kick off our South America venture.

Click Here to view our RTW drafted travel plan {note that “drafted” in our terms means we might “fly by the seat of our pants” and change plans whether forced to or not}

Aside from working a full time job as a personal trainer at The Art of Personal Training and Will as a software sales engineer for Jama Software; we are finalizing our gear list, researching Argentina and Chile, getting vaccines [ouch!], prepping our house for renters, going on short weekend adventures [picture in Seattle], and Will is brushing up on his Spanish while I respond with the simple “Sí” or “Bien, y tú?”. I’m currently listening to a “Ola Brazil” playlist in preparation for the language barrier, cultural experience and to prep for some tango lessons!

This trip and going to be a huge change for us and we are getting excited. Wish us luck as we continue to gear up to go!

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