Surprise! We’re Expecting…

… a major change in our lives. Will and I have a big announcement to make! We are traveling the world and we invite you to join us.

travel announce 10While we’re not expecting Jenny to pop out a baby or a globe anytime soon, we are expecting to head out on an adventure and we want to share our stories, pictures and travels with you. Now, If you don’t have the time, money or energy to travel with us, follow our around the world adventure blog! The invite remains open for any portion… travel announce 9if you’re up to join the adventure come vacation to Costa Rica in May? Or London in July? Melbourne in 2016? In the mean time this is where you can check to see we are still alive and hear about our exciting experiences along the way. We’ll also be a little on Facebook and InstraGram @jenny305.

Let us tell you why are we going

Now you ask, why are you taking such a big trip and how are we able to do so?

Have you heard of the “gap year”, very common in New Zealand and usually done the year after graduating from university? Will and I never took a ‘gap year’ post University of Portland so in 2011 (pre-marriage — when we moved in together — when our relationship status was posted to Facebook aka. real serious 🙂 ) we decided a trip around the world was a priority for our savings and our lives together. We didn’t have a set travel date until about 9 months ago when we agreed that there is no time like the present, there is no ‘perfect’ time to do this, and we’re not getting any younger.

But, but, how?

With the above items in mind, we began setting our sights on some of the key hurdles we’d need to iron out before we could pull the trigger. The top 4 things on our mind were: money, jobs, house and Hurley. We’ll tackle these a little more in depth in some future blog posts, but at a high level we started with our house: we’ll just rent it out, decision made. Then we discussed money: we had some cash already saved up, but we knew we needed to budget, and budget together. We combined our Mint accounts to track budgets together and began some modestly aggressive saving and we’ve been saving over 50% of our take home pay for a long time now. We then thought about our jobs, and that’s when we knew there was no perfect time, so we drew a line in the sand and tracked towards it. We have incredibly loving parents that have agreed (thanks Chris and Vicki) to take our mutt Hurley; and with those pieces in place, we pulled the trigger and purchased airfare for the first 5 months of our adventure, starting in February 2015.

Where are you going?

Many more details will be shared as we’re on our adventure, but for now, start with this presentation of our trip: J&W RTW Presentation

travel announce 3

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