Travel Preview: February and March in Argentina and Chile

While we’ve yet to leave, we have already purchased some flights and have some ideas for our first few destinations. Here’s what the first 6 weeks look like.

February 10, 2015 – ¡Vamos a la Argentina!

We fly out of SeaTac airport and head to South America. Neither of us have been that far south, however we have had friends, blogs and books tell us of some amazing places to adventure to. In general it will be the end of summer, with their summer months going from December – March.

Buenos Aires – Our first destination

We’re set to arrive on the morning of Wednesday, February 11th in BA. We’ll make our way to our first Air BnB (of likely many) in the Palermo barrio (neighborhood). We’ll be then bussing around the city and enjoying the sites and sounds. Some of our top adventure ideas include:  a running tour of the city, tango (both watching and doing!), museums, day trip to Uruguay, and getting used to hearing Spanish.

Bariloche – Northern Patagonia

After about a week in BA, we’ll take a flight even further south. And, this place looks right up our alley: hiking, biking, and boating. There are a ton of day hikes that will keep us busy; renting bikes and checking out the Circuito Chico sounds great, and we’re also looking forward to getting out on some of their glacier formed lakes. We’re also staying at an Air BnB here for a week, and that’s already booked.

Three and a half more Argentinian weeks: February 23 ~ March 20

After those first two weeks we’ll hopefully be settling in to the travel way of life. While those two locations have some certainty around them, our next month-ish isn’t as scripted. Luckily the bus system in Argentina is fenomenal (from what we hear) and if we need to hop on another flight, we’ll do that too. Here are some of the places we’re thinking of going, knowing that we’d like to take a bus from Mendoza, AR to Santiago, CL sometime in late March.

  • Puerto Madryn: This coastal city has a large penguin colony that you can check out, it also has great whale watching but unfortunately i think it will be just out of season for the migration
  • Mar del Plata: This is a place that most Argentian residents go to vacation from the big cities and to get their beach life on. It’s described as a “beach resort town” that promises to have some fun night life.
  • Pinamar: If we tire of the hustle and bustle of that beach town, we’ll head a little further north and do some relaxing and surfing in this town, or a neighboring one as we make our way back north.
  • Iguazu Falls: Umm, ya, we have to go here. It’s out of the way, but whatever, it’s not like we have to go to a job on Monday or anything.
  • Mendoza: They’re known for their wine, so I think we’ll spend a few days checking it out before heading further west.initial argentina

Head to Chile: March 21 – 28-ish: Santiago & Valparaiso, Chile

Again, our plans for these days are still being shaped. What we do know is that we have a flight out of Santiago on the 28th of March. Both of these cities offer a lot and we’re looking forward to checking them out before we head north to our adventures in Peru!

Up next: Peru & Machu Picchu

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