Packin’ it Strategically

This post explains our strategy for what type of clothing we want to pack. We’re going to write about exactly what we’ve decided to bring and how we’re actually going to be taking it in an upcoming post.

Traveling for a year doesn’t mean you have an outfit for every day for 365 days; it doesn’t even mean you’ll pack a different outfit for every day of the week. What it does mean is that you have at least one outfit for every occasion or activity. 

There are two key details about our plans that make our packing for this trip a little bit easier. The first is that neither of us focus on having the latest fashions and we’d rather be comfortable over stylish. The second related detail is that most of our activities and desires for the trip involve the outdoors and we’ll be steering clear of winter climates (for the most part). This means we’ll be able to focus our packing on high quality gear that will be modest in style, but high in function. This means Jenny will pack away her inner fashionista 🙂 

FullSizeRender (1)Planning to pack a limited amount of clothes also means creatively maximizing the amount of outfits. The idea here is to get as many different looks as possible, by using different combinations of the clothing that you have. For example, Jenny is pulling this off is by limiting her colors for mixing and matching blacks, corals and blues. This will give her a wide range of outfit options for the variety of activities we plan on doing. As for accessories, no need to pack these given that we want to search for some that are locally made.    

Another couple of aspects to our packing and preparing that many fellow travelers before of us have written about are: quality over quantity and layering. For us, quality means going with wool (Ice Breakers) and synthetics (nylon and polyester) over cotton because they are more durable and manage odors better. As for layering, we’re accomplishing this by asking ourselves “Can I wear this over/under that?” over and over. 

With these thoughts and plans that have been shaped by other RTW travelers before us, we feel our packing lists are getting really dialed in. Check out our upcoming post for our packing lists which will include our backpack choices.

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