Geared, Packed and Prepped

After spending lots of time cross comparing other traveler’s packing lists, reading RTW travel packing suggestions and taking endless trips to REI we finally completed our gear list and packing. That is, as long as Will doesn’t change his mind about his pack again and I’m satisfied with taking only three pairs of shoes! ūüôā You can read more on how we planned for¬†what to pack over here.

Our accessories and electronics gear includes:


Toiletries & accessories unpacked


All packed up!

 Camera, camera bag & accessories

Laptop (airbook), Waterproof/dust-proof sleeve, charger, USB stick, external harddrive
Unlocked iPhone, case, charger
Headphones, headphone splitter
Moleskin journal for writing
Copy of important docs, Passport photos
snacks (probars), Compactable water bottle
Inflatable Pillow & sleep mask
Sunglasses, Watch, Hat/bandana
Rain cover for packs
compression bag
Small backpack for day trips
Small first aid kit
Small flashlite
Sleeping sheet
Travel TriPod
Eating utensils
Travel adapters
Ear plugs
Nail Clipper, small scissor
Universal Sink Plug
Travel clothes line
Outlet splitter
Duct tape, Zip Locks, Zip ties

Our combined clothing gear includes: 

Underwear x4 to 7 (ExOfficio and Patagonia)
Socks (smartwool running, low poly and wool socks) x5
Tank tops x4
T Shirts x3
Button down shirt
Thermal long sleeve shirt
Wool sweater/sweatshirt
Wind breaker jacket (maybe down jacket)
Pants x2
Shorts x3 (hiking, athletic, sleep)
Swim shorts/suit
Trail running/hiking shoes (Northface for Will, Brooks for Jenny)
Action sandals (KEEN & Chaco’s)
Local Sandals (flips)


Our toiletry gear includes:

Bandaids, Neosporin
All purpose soap
razor, shave gel
Shampoo, conditioner
Sun screen, aloe
Toothbrush, paste, floss
Anit-itch cream
Lib balm,¬†Travel makeup (Jenny’s)
Medications (prescription drugs just in case)
Pain relievers & Muscle Relaxers
Motion sickness pills
Charcol Tablets
Rehydration Salts


Jenny’s clothes and accessories unpacked, then packed!


You’ll be seeing a lot of this outfit…

With all our gear packed, what do you think the weight of each pack would be? Any guesses?

Jenny’s is about 19 lbs (less once she eats all her Probars) and Will’s is about 24 lbs since he has the electronics (camera and laptop). The challenge will be not adding too much¬†to the packs as we go and getting used to the weight on our backs. Now we’re¬†off to load up our¬†packs, practice hiking around with them, purchase¬†any last minute needs¬†and wait to fly out on February 10th.
Cheers to adventure!

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