This is one of those amazing moments on a journey like ours that you have the time and mindset to reflect on where you are, what you’re doing, and how lucky you are to be doing it. This has happened a few times before, like at a secluded waterfall at Iguazu Falls, and a sunrise photo shoot in Bariloche, but this time it has spurred me to write.

I’m sitting at a small wooden table, the breeze is light and its about 72 degrees out. The sun is bright, but I’m in the shade. The muddy Mendoza River flows just a feet from my own [feet]. My wife is writing her thoughts down on her iPhone, the modern woman’s notebook. My cafe con leche has a few lovely sips left, the sweetness of the sugar has collected at the bottom now.

As my gaze rises from my cup, above the flowing river, I am blessed with a view of the Andes. Not the ones that are sky high and covered in snow, but rather those that rise and fall next to each other covered in green shrubs mixed with rock faces. The mountains remind me of pictures I’ve seen near Machu Picchu. This resemblance makes me count my blessings on more time, as we will be seeing those very mountains in three weeks time.

It is not the most amazing view, but it is one that will stay with me for a long time. I wish all you readers the ability to find peace in your days as well, to reflect on the wonderful that is all around us and appreciate what you have.

Reflection after Rafting

One thought on “Reflection after Rafting

  1. Nice writing of a zen type feeling. Follow your words, at least try o do so, daily. To find that tranquility, that moment in time to reflect, enjoy, bask in the wonderment of one’s life is indeed special. Happy you dound it that day.


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