Adventure Duo’s plans for Europe this summer

As some of you already know, we’re heading to Europe this summer. We’ve planned a few things already, and some of our “second half” is still up in the air. But, we do have a rough plan and some definite dates and locations that we’d like to share! This not only helps us plan, but also will give you all an idea of where we’re headed and if you have any advice, thoughts or want to meet us somewhere – let us know! Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 2.47.41 PM Here’s a link to the google map this image was built from: map link

England and France

We’re starting off by arriving in London on July 18 where we will be staying near the Hamstead Heath while we dog / house sit for 3 weeks. The family we’re sitting for is actually going to be vacationing in the US, and we will be watching over their dog and house while they are away on holiday. That will last until about August 10th. After the house sit in London we’re going to head to Paris. It’s a city we’re both very much looking forward to! We then will be heading further south in France to Boussens, which is just a bit south of Toulouse near the Pyrénées mountain range. What’s there? It’s another workaway helping a couple in their early 60’s who are renovating their house. They have a couple of labradors that need walks in the countryside, too. We feel it will be a great way to see some of the real world in France from people who live there!

Ireland and Germany, plus something in between

From France we’re heading to Ireland around the first of September. From now until then, we’re going to both be training for the Dingle Marathon! Jenny is planning to run the full, and I’m going to run the half. We’ve already signed up, so we’re locked in! We are also going to check out some of the beautiful countryside and local eats and drinks while in Ireland. After our adventures in Ireland we will eventually make our way to Munich, Germany. The timing works out so well that I can’t pass up going to Oktoberfest! I’m going to be meeting up with my friend Jay who is currently working for a tech company in London. Jenny is going to come to Munich, but she’s going to steer clear of the beer (and drunks – including us) at the fest :). We’re going to go to opening day of Oktoberfest on September 19th. Between roughly September 7th (post race) and September 17th (arrival in Munich) our plans are currently up in the air. Will it be a trip to the Netherlands? More of Germany? A quick trip to Switzerland? We’re just not sure yet.

What’s next…

So, that’s our plan for July, August and September in Europe; what comes next? We would love to go to Nepal (yes, even so despite recent events) not only because we have friends that live there, but also because we’ve heard it’s incredibly beautiful and there is plenty of adventure. If we do go to Nepal, we’ve already researched flights that go from Munich to Cairo, Egypt and then to Kathmandu; so that’s on the table for a five day tour.  We then will be making our way to Australia and New Zealand if all goes well in the November thru January timeframe. How much time in each place? Where will we stop on our way from Nepal to Australia? Will we get sick of traveling and come home early? All be the last question we’re pretty sure about 🙂 For now, we only have our flight booked from Seattle to London and our race entries in Ireland booked. All else is yet to be solidified, but things are coming together nicely. Instead of buying our plane tickets at one time (like we did for this first chunk of travel) we’re going to buy as we go, which has already allowed us to score a sweet deal on a direct flight to London. We’ll have to buy some independent travel insurance (through insurance is included), but that’s something we can live with for the bit of extra freedom we have going with this “pay as you plan” approach. Well, back to surfing, sun bathing, and exploring here in Costa Rica! Happy adventuring, Will & Jenny

Sunset in Jaco

Sunset in Jaco

3 thoughts on “Adventure Duo’s plans for Europe this summer

  1. Hampstead Heath, eh? Mommio and I were there. Friends Alistair and Naomi Hart live (d) in Highgate. Beautiful area, away from the city, easy commute via tube into the city. I will post a pic taken from there on FB. Travel plans look good. Enjoy the journey, see in a few short weeks!

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  2. Great plan!!  I’d consider Zurich and Zermatt as a filler in late september. Look forward to hearing all the detail at the cottage!!!! Sandy

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