Halftime: Canada and a Stop in the States


Sunset at the Bay

Fun in Canada, eh?

After our fun in the surf of Costa Rica we headed to one of our favorite places to spend time with the Phillips family. Before we booked our trip my mom convinced us to stop in Toronto to go to our cabin on Lake Huron before heading to Europe. It didn’t take much convincing, so we spent two weeks on the lake. It was mostly beautiful weather that we spent outside with a few rainy days perfect for playing Scrabble. A few highlights from our trip include: breaking in the new kayaks and a new paddle board, hiking on Phillips Island where we found a freshly watered weed garden, hiking on San Souci where I was eaten alive by mosquitoes, the boat Miss Buzz working flawlessly and taking her out on a sunset booze cruise with three generations of Phillips, water skiing even though the water was freezing (to me) and Will spotting lots of wildlife in the early morning (beaver, deer, turtles, etc.). As always we ate amazing food and it was fun to share in the cooking duties to cook for others. Thanks mom and dad (Chris and Vicki) for a successful and family fun trip at The Bay! It also wouldn’t have been a Bay trip without a rattlesnake beheading… good thing Dad obliged with a scary, but successful, fight with a rattlesnake that was just too close for comfort (under the deck stairs).


canada food canada 3

Back to the West Coast (for more Family!)

After a stop in Canada we were going to head straight to Europe, but we were very excited that Will’s brother and Kyla were getting hitched so we quickly booked a stop in Idaho. We stayed in a big house with Will’s parents, aunt and cousin + family. It was fun having little ones around to get to know and to spend time with the French family. We’ve always enjoyed trail running at the lake and every morning we indulged in a peaceful run. The wedding, which was on the same lake we got married — Priest Lake, was a beautiful event of love, friendship, and family. We are both so excited to have a sister and more family! We will never forget the sunset over Priest Lake that evening, Will’s funny yet touching best man speech, and all the kids running around at the wedding. Thanks Tim and Kyla for throwing an amazing once-in-a-lifetime party!

weddingIf we stopped in Idaho we had to stop in Portland and also visit our pooch in Gig Harbor. After the wedding we flew to Portland for a quick 20 hour trip that was well spent. I went to my favorite bar with my girlfriends while Will went to his favorite pub with his guy friends the night we arrived. The next day we had breakfast at Pine State Biscuits, visited our (rental) house for a walk through (the house felt more like a rental house and not our home), visited my friend Whitney at work, pit-stopped at REI to re-stock on a few items, had lunch with one of our favorite families (the Lawheads); we did this all before catching a train to Tacoma at 4pm. The train was delayed a few hours so we made the most out of it and enjoyed a coffee and scone at one of our favorites, Lovejoy Bakery in the Pearl. Big thanks for Jenny for letting us stay with her and to Karen for driving us around all day!

Last stop was three days in Gig Harbor where we were reunited with Hurley for the first time in 5 months! He was so cute and didn’t know what to do when he saw us. So excited! We spent the days getting our packs organized (another trip to REI), seeing friends, spending time with my parents, trail running, and visiting Stretch Island. Thanks mom and dad (C & V) for taking great care of Hurley and giving us a place to crash for a few days before we headed off to London!Untitled

What’s Next?

We wrote this post in the living room of a flat in London where we’re dog sitting (currently cuddled together with the pooch on the sofa on a rainy day), more on our adventures in London to come next!


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