Photo Journal: A Year Traveling the World!

Today we celebrate one year of adventure and traveling the world. We’ve had our share of ups and downs, but ultimately we’ve met our goal of traveling around the world together for one year. In total we visited 19 countries, logged over 87,000 kilometers/57,000 miles and only got denied entry into one country. After sifting through the thousands of photos taken along our journey we are displaying the top photo(s) per country we visited. Enjoy!

1. Argentina


Iguazu Falls which lies on the border between Argentina and Brazil. We spent 6 hours walking around the park on the Argentinian side.


Cerro Catedral peak. We took this shot along our three hour hike to Refugio Frey in Bariloche, Argentina


Again, Iguazu Falls where the Paraná river flows rapidly over the cliffs.

2. Chile


Lago Aculeo south of Santiago, Chile was all dried up when we ran the Aculeo Lago 26k.

3. Peru


Night number four where we camped along our five day Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu. Our tent looked across to Machu Picchu as we awed over it’s construct and enjoyed a night under the stars.


Inca ruins where we awed over the Incan citadel built 2,430 meters above sea level.


Colca Canyon, the world’s deepest canyon, where we trekked and stayed the night at a homestay along the canyon river’s edge.

4. Costa Rica

Costa Rica1

Caño Negro wildlife refuge that flows through northern Costa Rica and Nicaragua. We took a day tour of the refuge learning about caimen, kingfisher birds and iguanas.

Costa Rica2

Our tropical storm experience in Drake Bay where we sunk a kayak off this beach.

Costa Rica3

Manuel Antonio National Park full of monkeys ready to steal your belongings. We celebrated Will’s birthday and explored the jungle.

5. Panama


Panama City fishing boats along a walk path overlooking the city. We spent three quick days in Panama City to visit the canal and see the sights.

6. USA: Washington, Oregon, Idaho

USA Priest Lake1

Priest Lake, Idaho where we experienced a wonderful wedding for Will’s brother and his beautiful bride. This little gal is Will’s first cousin once removed who is curious about what people are doing.


Sunset in Northern Idaho.

7. Ontario, Canada


In the eastern waterways of Lake Heron lies the Georgian Bay where the quiet morning kayaking and wildlife sightings are abundant. Jenny’s family’s cabin lies among the trees on the neighboring island.

8. London, England


Old Harry Rocks chalk formations in Dorset, southern England on our afternoon walk.


Scout the english springer spaniel, our pup for a month in London. He loved his morning fetch runs in Hampstead Heath, the historic 320 hectare park.

9. Spain


The Lighthouse of Cabo Mayor cliffs in Santander. We hiked the path along the cliff edge soaking in the sun and sea spray.


The sunsetting on the city of San Sabastián where we spent a long weekend basking in the sun, enjoying delicious pintxos and Spanish wine.

10. Ireland


The Cliffs of Moher on the southwest coast of Ireland were a beautiful spot during the 7pm sunset over the ocean. The landscape is the greenest we’d ever seen in Ireland. We drove from these cliffs south to the Dingle Peninsula where we successfully ran our first international running race in sunny Ireland weather.

11. Netherlands

Netherlands Amsterdam1

Amsterdam and it’s amazing canal system that flows through the entire city. Our boat tour, along with biking everywhere were the highlights of our visit.

12. Czech Republic

Chezk Republic2

Charles Bridge, the historic walking bridge over the Vlatava river in central Prague. We crossed the bridge a few times for evening strolls.

13. Germany

Chezk Republic1

Munich in the summer time and our breathtaking view from St. Peters church. We stayed in Munich for three weeks and had a blast at Oktoberfest drinking beir, shopped at local markets for food and visiting the historical sights.

Germany Alps1

View from Garmish-Patenkushin south of Munich looking at the 17 mile hike to the King’s House on Schachen in celebration of our 2-year anniversary. Nothing says ‘commitment’ and ‘I love you’ like an endless hike, right?

14. Austria


Jay is sitting on the border of Germany and Austria while taking a break from our four lakes loop hike in the Alps mountain range. Technically we didn’t stay the night in Austria, but we walked to it!

15. Egypt


Giza pyramids where we took a camel ride in the hot desert. The three large pyramids were constructed for the king and his predecessors around 2560 BC, while the three small pyramids were built for the queens. We spent our time learning the fascinating Egyptian history!

16. Oman


Wadi Shab in Oman is a must for any adventure traveler. After hiking along the hot rocky path we came across natural swimming pools and waterfalls in the midst of the desert.

17. Nepal


We woke at 4:30am atop Annapurna Basecamp to find the clouds had cleared. Watching the rays of sun hitting the mountain as it rises was an unforgettable memory.

18. Indonesia


On the island of Bali lies a central mountain region yielding beautiful waterfalls and lush green tropical forests. We hiked to several waterfalls this day and not one other person on the trail.

19. Australia

Australia Tasmania1

The southern island of Australia, Tasmania, were the most amazing national parks. This is Cradle Mountain National Park where we hiked to the false summit of Cradle Mountain (the peak far right) in the surprising summer snow.

Australia Tasmania3

Another Tasmanian highlight was Freycinet National Park. Here is Hazards Beach that looped around to Wineglass Bay beach and ended at a lookout of both beaches. We hiked the loop on the hot summer day seeing a few wallabies and finding shells.


Deep underground in Lake Cave, Western Australia, was a spectacular scene of limestone and clear lake water with an ‘elevated table’ reflected in cave darkness. We were amazed at the crystal straw formations dripping water into the lake.


Green sea turtle swimming up for air while we were diving on The Great Barrier Reef. A sight we will cherish as it was rare to see a turtle of this size.

20. New Zealand

New Zealand

The Southern Alps from shoreline of Lake Pukaki, one of three parallel alpine lakes along our road trip from Omaru to Dunedin on the south island.

What a year! Lots of exploring, planning, packing, repacking and adventure has been had. We will be heading back to the States this month to spread the travel bug, tell our tales and seek some much needed rest and relaxation. We hope you’ve enjoyed following our journey and have been inspired to live your own adventure!

Until next time, keep on adventuring.

Jenny & Will


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