What’s next for Will and Jenny?

We’re moving to California!

Right now we’re putting rubber to the road on our final sightseeing road trip before starting new jobs and move to California. Santa Barabara, CA is going to be our home for at least the next year. We’ve gathered our belongings from friends, family, and storage over the past few weeks and we’re now driving down the West coast. Although we will be in Portland to complete the move May 10th, we are on our way to get our lives and jobs started in SB!

Dipping my toes in the waters of Santa Barbara in March

Dipping my toes in the waters of Santa Barbara in March

I am going to be working as a Technical Sales Engineer for Procore. Procore works with some of the largest construction firms in the US and abroad to ensure that large scale projects are executed effectively. Their SaaS product is the most widely used construction management software.

Jenny will be helping to manage a Lululemon store in downtown Santa Barbara. She’s excited to be back working and wear fitness clothing daily. She also aims to start her own personal training business on the side. Trainer Jenny is coming for you!

Enjoying the sunshine about a month ago in Santa Barbara

Enjoying the sunshine about a month ago in Santa Barbara

We’re looking forward to Santa Barbara for a number reasons some of the top adjectives that describe it are: sun(sets), smaller, beach, climbing, hiking, mountain biking, surfing, exploring, adventure, fun, and love.


Today we’re tackling an eight hour chunk drive and heading to Redwood National Park for some exploring as we head down the coast towards San Francisco. After a quick stop in San Fran we will be checking out Big Sur driving down the 101 and finally making it to Santa Barbara where we obtain the keys to our rental on Sunday, April 17.

Also, we’re also almost done going through our photos and are hoping to share some of our best shots from each country in a fun way in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned and go where the adventure takes you,

Will and Jenny

Sunset in Santa Barbara

Sunset in Santa Barbara

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