Camping weekend in Big Sur

This past weekend we adventured and camped among the redwoods at Riverside Camping in Big Sur, CA. We packed up all the gear, Hurley and some previsions for camping and drove north. We enjoyed the campground including our campfire and cooking meals at the campsite as well as the rushing river.

bridgeg - 1

The Drives

We took off after work on Thursday and headed to Morro Bay, which is about halfway. It was a good spot to break up the driving, and get us on the road for this mini-vacation. We woke up with fog and chilly weather Friday morning so we decided to skip paddle boarding and Jenny took a run while I walked Hurley near the bay. The top of Morro Rock is hidden in the clouds.


The drive both north and then back down were simply stunning. Even though the June gloom was hanging around and we had a lot of low clouds, it was still gorgeous. Here are some of our favorite coastline views.

Coastlines - 7 Coastlines - 6 Coastlines - 5 Coastlines - 4 Coastlines - 3 Coastlines - 2 Coastlines - 1

McWay Falls

drivenorth - 4

Stunning waterfall that flows year round

drivenorth - 5

Pfeiffer State Beach

Small, but fun little beach where Hurley got his fill of sand, sunshine and doggy play time in a fantastic setting to relax at after driving and sightseeing for most of the day.


8 Mile Trail Run – Andrew Molera State Park

Hurley wasn’t allowed in the abundant State Parks, so we opted for a trail run instead of a long hike so we wouldn’t leave him in the car as long. We’ll have to come back sans-Hurley to check out some of the beautiful hikes in the area. It was a slow wake up since we all didn’t get the most restful nights sleep after our first night in a tent in a while. Hurley isn’t the best sleeping partner in a tent. After a camp breakfast (banana, peanut butter on “toast”) and instant coffee, we headed north the Andrew Molera State Park. We didn’t know if we’d do the whole trail, but we set out for a 8 mile trail run/walk and made up our minds after a couple miles that we felt we could do the whole thing – so we kept going! It was a beautiful coastline trail.


The gloom was in full effect as we choose to run the ridge part of the trail first and were mostly running in a cloud. The panoramic views were not to be had this morning. We did get to run through an excellent redwood patch which was cool and damp and felt mysterious because of the fog. We then made it to the top and were excited to be done with the up and on to the down. We finally made it below the low clouds and could see the beautiful coastline. Our trail was now dotted with wild flowers and the shrubs housed little birds of the bush that were chirping away.

trail2 trail3

After a short detour we made a pit stop at the shore before continuing on through the rolling landscape and fully back to the car 2 hours later.

We followed up our run by going to breakfast at Deetjens – YUM! I know, eating out while camping. So good!

We finished out camping with a fire and some fire warmed chocolate chip cookies!

Campfire - 2 Campfire - 1

…And Elephant Seals

Before the Elephant Seals, here are a few odds and ends:

  • Pacific coast ticks are big and we know a field where you can find a lot of them this time of year… wish we knew were it was before heading out
  • Saw some humpback whales
  • Cambria is a great little town with good breakfasts!

We’ll leave you all with this cool and unique animal: the elephant seal. While spending the better part of the year at sea feeding almost 24 hours a day for 30+ minute dives (all solitary – they may not even see another elephant seal for 8+ months), they do come ashore for birthing and molting and to lay around in clumps and groups. Only the males grow the snouts/trunks, and they don’t show up until they’re 5 years old. Pretty amazing animals. Check out the video to hear their unique sounds!


Seals - 10 Seals - 9 Seals - 8

Keep exploring and seeing new things!

Will and Jenny

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