Upcoming trip to the Azores

Back at it! Next week we are taking a 10 day trip to three small, picturesque volcanic islands in the middle of the Atlantic near Portugal… The Azores.


We are taking the direct flight from Boston instead of connecting through Europe to spend our first four days on the main island of the Azores, São Miguel. We plan to explore the thermal baths (including one that meets the ocean), hiking around volcanic peaks which encompass lakes, scuba dive (if the weather cooperates), eat new foods and sip wine. As an added bonus, our friends Alec and Raquel who reside in Lisbon are joining us for half the trip.

Alec and I have been buds since high school and in college, while at different universities, we met up for a trip throughout Thailand, Cambodia; another time I visited Alec in China. Earlier this year he and his wife, Raquel, moved from Seattle to Lisbon, Portugal where Raquel is from. We can’t wait to explore with these two!


Here is an example of a full four day itinerary on the island of Sao Miguel that we plan to loosely follow.  We will also be visiting the islands of São Jorge and Pico before returning stateside for a night in Boston and back to Portland.

While we are away Hurley gets to hang out at Chris & Vicki’s house and guard off the wild life that munches the garden and nap on the guest bed. Thanks C & V for watching our vocal French long dog. 55625460552__85462771-AAC9-4037-B407-76B38936F894.jpeg

We will follow up once we have lived adventurously for 10 days with pictures, stories and recommendations. Wish us luck with the weather!

Until then,

Keep adventuring


4 thoughts on “Upcoming trip to the Azores

  1. Wow!  That’s great!  Have fun! When I was serving in the Air Force in the mid 50’s the pilots in my group talked about how important a refueling spot they were for the planes supplying the U.S.Africa invasion.  (Long ago now!)  I hope they are above the track of hurricanes spinning off of Africa!!!!! Bapa


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