travel announce 6

December 2014:
We’re a young couple who left our jobs, personal trainer and software sales engineer; and our lives in Portland, Oregon to explore the world and seek out new adventures. We have an incredible opportunity to do this while we’re young, and we’re taking full advantage.

Now you ask, why are you taking such a big trip and how are we able to do so?

Have you heard of the “gap year”, very common in New Zealand and usually done the year after graduating from university? We never took a ‘gap year’ post University of Portland (Will ’07 grad, Jenny ’09 grad) so in 2011, when we moved in together and our relationship status was posted to Facebook (aka. real serious 🙂 ), we decided a trip around the world was a priority for our savings and our lives together. In September 2013 we were married on the shore of Priest Lake, Idaho and toyed with the idea of traveling the world as our honeymoon. As tempting as it sounded, the timing and funds weren’t ideal. A year later, in summer 2014 we began to get the travel itch so we set a date. We agreed that there is no time like the present, there is no ‘perfect’ time for extensive travel, the money we had saved was enough, and we’re not getting any younger. So we booked our trip and prepared for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.


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