Photo Journal: A Year Traveling the World!

Today we celebrate one year of adventure and traveling the world. We've had our share of ups and downs, but ultimately we've met our goal of traveling around the world together for one year. In total we visited 19 countries, logged over 87,000 kilometers/57,000 miles and only got denied entry into one country. After sifting through the thousands of … Continue reading Photo Journal: A Year Traveling the World!

Reflection after Rafting

This is one of those amazing moments on a journey like ours that you have the time and mindset to reflect on where you are, what you're doing, and how lucky you are to be doing it. This has happened a few times before, like at a secluded waterfall at Iguazu Falls, and a sunrise … Continue reading Reflection after Rafting

Bariloche: The rest of our week among mountains and lakes

The remainder of our time in Bariloche was filled with more outdoor outings. There are so many cerros (mountains) to climb and Refugios to check out in Bariloche it was hard to choose, but we paced ourselves and ended up trekking a handful of the top rated trails/peaks. Cerro Llao Llao - We trekked up this … Continue reading Bariloche: The rest of our week among mountains and lakes

Adios, USA

Finally, the adventure is about to begin. We and our 20 pound packs are off to catch an 11am flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina (with a short layover in Dallas, Texas, yeehaw)! It's going to truly be an adventure to never forget! We hope you're along to follow the ride.