Photo Journal: A Year Traveling the World!

Today we celebrate one year of adventure and traveling the world. We've had our share of ups and downs, but ultimately we've met our goal of traveling around the world together for one year. In total we visited 19 countries, logged over 87,000 kilometers/57,000 miles and only got denied entry into one country. After sifting through the thousands of … Continue reading Photo Journal: A Year Traveling the World!

Workaway in Jaco, Costa Rica

Overview From May 17 - June 19 we were in Jaco, Costa Rica volunteering at a small hotel, Hotel Catalina, on the south end of the beach. This was a great experience for us and allowed us to settle into a routine, get pretty good at surfing, provide our hosts with some quality manual labor, … Continue reading Workaway in Jaco, Costa Rica