Oz V: A week in Brisbane

Overview of our Brisbane Week On December 22nd we arrived from Sydney to Brisbane to house, dog and cat sit for a family who were going on holiday over Christmas and New Years. We landed this gig back in November via the website trustedhousesitters.com; it enabled us to add a bit more time in Australia to live … Continue reading Oz V: A week in Brisbane


Oz IV: Roadtrip Melbourne to Sydney

Coastal road trip to Sydney The morning of December 15th we packed our red Hyundai in Melbourne and headed towards our first stop, Metung. It was nice to be out of the city among countryside fields and small towns. When we arrived in Metung we found a walking path along the waterfront where we watched … Continue reading Oz IV: Roadtrip Melbourne to Sydney

Oz III: Melbourne: Portland’s Sister City

Day 1: Meet Melbourne (aka. SE Portland) We flew from Tasmania on December 12th into Melbourne (pronounced 'mell-ben'), a city we discovered that is similar to Portland. We stayed at an Airbnb apartment in the popular Fitzroy/Collingwood neighborhood that, to us, mirrored SE Portland -- hipsters rocking the 'old is the new cool' style, funky street art, small local … Continue reading Oz III: Melbourne: Portland’s Sister City

Oz II: Tasmanian Roadtrip

Since we gave ourselves about two months to explore Australia, we had time to travel to the isolated island off the coast of southern Australia called Tasmania and see its rugged, natural landscape. On our road trip around the north east section Tasmania we covered about 1,215 kilometers and explored a few spectacular places such as Cradle Mountain, Bicheno and Freycinet … Continue reading Oz II: Tasmanian Roadtrip

Bali Part I: Seminyak, Munduk & Ubud

This post explains our first tour around the island of Bali, Indonesia which included the bustling shopping-centric town of Seminyak, the central highlands region of Bengal, our night stay in the small village of Munduk, and finally the cultural mecca of Ubud. Read on to hear about our adventures and highlights of our journey through the island of Bali. In a different … Continue reading Bali Part I: Seminyak, Munduk & Ubud

Jakarta International Marathon Review (hot hot heat)

Intro and Training for Jakarta  After completing the Dingle Marathon back in September I was ambitious to get another marathon under my belt since I was trained for long distance running. Will found the Jakarta Marathon was taking place around the time we were going to Bali. We pulled trigger and signed up for the full and half with … Continue reading Jakarta International Marathon Review (hot hot heat)