Photo Journal: A Year Traveling the World!

Today we celebrate one year of adventure and traveling the world. We've had our share of ups and downs, but ultimately we've met our goal of traveling around the world together for one year. In total we visited 19 countries, logged over 87,000 kilometers/57,000 miles and only got denied entry into one country. After sifting through the thousands of … Continue reading Photo Journal: A Year Traveling the World!

Last Stop: New Zealand

Overview Made it to our last country after visiting Far North Queensland in Australia. We had a heck of a travel day to Christchurch, but once on the ground we explored the city, met my parents and started our two week road trip. Our road trip was south to Dunedin, west to Te Anua, north to Queenstown, … Continue reading Last Stop: New Zealand

Oz III: Melbourne: Portland’s Sister City

Day 1: Meet Melbourne (aka. SE Portland) We flew from Tasmania on December 12th into Melbourne (pronounced 'mell-ben'), a city we discovered that is similar to Portland. We stayed at an Airbnb apartment in the popular Fitzroy/Collingwood neighborhood that, to us, mirrored SE Portland -- hipsters rocking the 'old is the new cool' style, funky street art, small local … Continue reading Oz III: Melbourne: Portland’s Sister City

Oz II: Tasmanian Roadtrip

Since we gave ourselves about two months to explore Australia, we had time to travel to the isolated island off the coast of southern Australia called Tasmania and see its rugged, natural landscape. On our road trip around the north east section Tasmania we covered about 1,215 kilometers and explored a few spectacular places such as Cradle Mountain, Bicheno and Freycinet … Continue reading Oz II: Tasmanian Roadtrip